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Chiropractic Basics

When you find yourself dealing with and seeking treatment for a physical problem, you first should see a chiropractor. Allopathic medicine should only be used when the body cannot heal itself without intervention.

It is wiser to begin the process of healing with conservative heatlhcare that doesn't have the potential to cause any negative side effects. It is always more reasonable and safe to try chiropractic first, then drugs and surgery as a last option.


Chiropractic care aims at correcting nerve interference. Nerve interference can deplete the body's vitality, weaken the immune system and subsequently cause disease and sickness. The spinal column is made up of 24 bones called vertebrae--7 which are found in the neck, 12 in the mid-back and 5 in the lower back. The vertebrae align one on top of the other, and appear to form a straight line when you look at them from the front.

It's a rarity for someone to have a spine that's aligned perfectly because most peoples' spines curve slightly to the right or the left. Sometimes, one or more of the vertebrae might be rotated or twisted.

When there is a misalignment in the vertebrae, the conduction of nerve messages from the brain to all the other cells in the body is compromised. This nerve interference can lead to dis-organization of bodily processes and disease. Because misalignment of the vertabrae and nerve interference can go unnoticed and undetected, it can gradually lead to the deterioration in one's health over time.


If you look at the word 'disease,' you will notice that it is a combination of the prefix 'dis' and the word 'ease.' Dis means "apart from" and ease means a "state of balance." Therefore, we can easily see that dis-ease is a loss of comfort, a lack of harmony in the body and it's processes. Just as a musician will adjust notes when there is a lack of harmony in music, a chiropractor uses an adjustment to realign the spine and subsequently correct or reduce nerve interference to restore the body's harmony.

Unlike the sound of music, where dis-harmony can be immediately detected, damage caused by nerve interference may not be so noticeable at first.

Disease doesn't have to be painful or noticeable to slowly destroy one's health and well-being. Over time, the body's self healing processes gradually begin to fail which is why nerve interference is often considered a silent killer--it can often take many years before symptoms present themselves. Nerve interference caused by spinal misalignment can painlessly undermine your well-being before any warning signs arise.

Nerve interference can be caused by many things such as a difficult birth which results in subluxations. Thoughout their growing years, children can experience subluxations from falling while learning to walk, skate boarding or surfing or other types of sports. Other culprits that cause spinal problems are a junk food diet or bad sleeping positions. Indeed, many seemlingly harmless activities can compromise the nervous system's intergrity.

When children reach adulthood, many other things can compromise the spine and cause misalignment and nerve interference such as: sports injuries, car collisions, falls, poor posture, emotional stress, dental problems, drug and alcohol abuse or even habitually carrying purses or briefcases. Because nerve interference is epidemic, to ignore it is to allow dis-ease to interfere with your body and reduce the quality of your life.

"To take in a new idea you must destroy the old, let go of old opinions, to observe and conceive new thoughts. To learn is but to change your opinion." -B.J. Palmer, D.C.

A doctor of chiropractic is specifically trained to identify and help correct nerve interference which promotes the body's natural healing ability.

Running Springs Chiropractor | Chiropractic Basics. Dr. Joe Emley is a Running Springs Chiropractor.