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Mind / Body Balancing

The mind is stingy for energy and thought. Too much mind leaves the body behind. The mind is connected to the body throughout an extensive neural network. The body and mind are always connected but usually neglected. By simply pushing your mind into your body, you will gain relaxation, health and confidence. This is how you do it.


Sitting in an arm chair with your feet on the ground, and sitting with a good posture, begin to relax your mind and close your eyes. As you relax your mind, gentally push and relax through your jaw and then throat and continuing through your chest and arms, through the stomach, pelvis and down your legs until you push into your feet. When you start to lose the connection, repeat it again until it becomes stable, permanent and a habit.


Here is the harder part. Stand up, open your eyes and repeat the connection of pushing your mind through your body. Work to separate the visual stimulus from your mind/body relaxation so that you can stay relaxed though daily activity.


Another interesting request is to ask your mind to have no thoughts for at least ten seconds during your daily activity.


These simple techniques will aid in the health and enjoyment of your lifestyle.



Running Springs Chiropractor | Mind / Body Balancing. Dr. Joe Emley is a Running Springs Chiropractor.